Bericht vom Team-Training

Am 12. Mai  fand das vorletzte Team-Training vor dem Abflug zum Youth World Cup 2018 statt:

 "What a day! It was the first training with my new horse “Miles”. We have known each other for 7 days and I did not know how he would react.


The training was with Manuela Witt on Saturday May 12th for the preparation of the Youth World Cup in Texas in July. We started the day by sitting together and deciding which rider would do which discipline. We also discussed what to bring to Texas in terms of show clothing, accessories and important things to us, like reins, bits, saddles, etc. There will be some extra suitcases…


After the theory, it was riding time. The group was divided in two. I was in the second group. While the others were having their training, we joined in the middle to listen what advice Manuela had to tell them. One can always learn something even when not riding.When my turn came, we were in a group of three. Manuela had us riding in circles. The goal was how to present our horse the best way in a show. This really helped me and “Miles” to get to know each other better.

After the training, pizzas were ordered (and hay for the horses) and it was great because we all got together and ate while laughing and discussing. There was a real feeling of friendship and warmth from the whole group including the parents. This made the meal very enjoyable. In the afternoon, Manuela decided to take me alone.


The afternoon exercises were awesome. Manuela put 16 cones on the ground and we were required to jog and lope around them keeping the same distance all the time and the same rythm. It does not look complicated but it requires so much concentration from the rider and the horse. I was really proud of “Miles” because in a few days having him, we really bonded.


I find every time the youth team meets, it gets better. But at this particular training, I felt there was a real strong team spirit and a very good cohesion between all of us. It felt really nice to be part of the team.


After my riding session, we met again all together to make sure we all understood what we did during the day and to make sure we were focused on our responsibilities for Texas. I am very proud to be part of the Swiss Youth Team and I appreciate these training sessions not only for bettering myself but because it brings us together. And this is what it is all about, going together to represent ONE country, my country, Switzerland, and this is making me very proud. And a special thank you to all of our sponsors for making this happen." (Chloé)